• Government issued photo ID is required for all tattoos and piercings

  • we DO NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18 - even with parental consent

  • ALL sales are FINAL. This means there are no refunds or exchanges on all merchandise in the shop, tattoos or body piercings

  • WE ACCEPT CASH ONLY - we do have an ATM on site

  • Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE

  • All tattoo appointments require a MINIMUM $80.00 cash deposit (This will come off the total of the tattoo on the day of)

  • We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule all appointments or it will result in a loss of your full deposit

  • We reserve the right to refuse any tattoo or body piercing(s)

  • You WILL be refused service if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • No meals are permitted in the tattoo area (juice and snacks are accepted)

  • No children under the age of 13 are permitted beyond the front counter




Q - My child wants to get their ear lobes pierced, do you do them?

A- Yes, Please visit our “WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING?” section under the body piercing tab in the navigation bar for all information regarding child ear lobe piercings!

Q – Does getting tattooed hurt? 

A  Yes, getting a tattoo does hurt, however, everybody survives it. It’s more of an annoying pain than anything else. The initial pain will strike you as the worst. But your body will adjust to it, and you will get more used to it. It’s comparable to an irritating scratch on a sunburn. If you really want to get a tattoo, you’ll definitely be able to stand the pain!

Q – Is getting a tattoo / piercing safe?

A – Yes, All of our PIERCING needles are single use disposable only and once used are deposited in a bio-hazard sharps container which then gets sent to Public Health for proper disposal. All of the tools get put in a separate bin to be cleaned and sterilized after EVERY use. We never re-use any tools on two different people without them being run through our Autoclave first.

All of our TATTOO needles are also single use disposable ONLY. Some of our artists use single use, disposable tubes and some use metal tubes, which get put in a separate bin to be cleaned and sterilized after EVERY use. All of our needles get deposited in a bio-hazard sharps container which then gets sent to Public Health for proper disposal. Our autoclave gets checked every TWO weeks by the Health Board. We have our Inspection Certificates on the wall at our studio. You can contact Ottawa Public Health for more information.

Q – How much will my tattoo cost.

A – We can’t exactly give price quotes without a design. Everything at our studio is done custom, and pricing goes hand in hand with the design you choose. The larger the size, the more expensive the tattoo will be. For small and simple designs (names, symbols, etc) our shop minimum is $80.

Please refer to our piercing page for piercing prices.

Q – How old do I have to be to get tattooed or pierced? 

A – We do not tattoo anyone under the age 18 years old.

Consent age for piercings is 16 years old, however we make some exceptions. Most body piercings (unless stated otherwise) may be performed as young as 14 years of age as long as a parent or legal guardian is present with valid government issued ID (must have a picture, name and date of birth on it) from both parties.

Please review the age restrictions for all other body piercings on our piercing prices page!

Tongue and nipple piercings are not performed on anyone under the age of 18 even with parental consent. No exceptions.

Q – Can I bring in my own design for a tattoo ? 

A- Yes, of course you can. We are a custom tattoo studio, and strive to do the most unique tattoo for you. We love when you bring in your own designs, just please keep in mind that not all designs translate well as a tattoo, and some slight changes might need to be made in order to give you the best tattoo possible!

Q – I am pregnant, can I get tattooed or pierced ? 

A – Any trauma caused to your body will also be caused to the baby, and can lead to complications or miscarriage. So we will not tattoo or pierce anyone who is pregnant or nursing. We strongly recommend against it.

Q – Can I book appointments over the phone, via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram ? 

A – No, unfortunately we do not book appointments over social media, by phone or via email. All appointments must be made in person as we require a minimum of $80.00 for a deposit. This will come off the total of the tattoo on the day of.

For consultation appointments you may come in or call to book 613-843-1970

Q –  What can I do to prepare for my tattoo ? 

A – Eating is always a must before a tattoo! Make sure you’ve eaten a decent meal within a maximum of 4 hours before getting tattooed, avoid drinking any alcohol 12 hours before your tattoo and don’t forget to get a good nights sleep! You will sit much better and heal much better if you are 100% healthy. Avoid getting tattooed if you are sick, on antibiotics or post surgery. We do NOT, under any circumstances, tattoo anyone UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL! 

Q – Do you do free touch ups? 

A – Touch ups are based on the individual artists policy. Upon signing our waiver form, you agree that all touch ups will be done at NO CHARGE for the first 6 months after getting it done. This policy is subject to change depending on circumstances. Upon signing the waiver form, you also agree that all and any touch ups needed on hands and/or feet will be done at your own expense as we do not guarantee hand and/or feet tattoos as the ink is more likely to reject. Any tattoos needing touch-ups due to your own negligence (i.e not following proper after care, picking at or scratching the tattoo.) will be touched up at your own expense and at the artist’s convenience.

Q – How long will it take my tattoo or piercing to heal ?

A – Generally Tattoos take 3-4 weeks for full healing time and piercings will depend on the type of piercing you have done. Our piercer will go over after care with you after getting pierced and this will include the healing time of that piercing. Please visit our after care page for more tattoo and piercing after care and healing times.